Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Rat Steps Out of His Standard Practice

Michele Bachmann (Pella, Iowa - April 11, 2011)

I usually don't bother posting much on politics, since it's all a boring reality show, but Representative Bachmann's speech in Iowa caught my attention. While some seeking the Republican nomination for 2012 are minimizing "social conservatism," Representative Bachmann asserts that it is the social issues that are at the heart of a future where the United States of America survives. She speaks of a more genuine Christian experience than anyone I have heard in while, and many aspects of her conversion and growth as a disciple resonate with my own story. Give her a listen. We're not looking for salvation from a candidate who will fix our financial mess or keep us secure - a believer knows the problem is that human beings are sinners and need Christ. I think Representative Bachmann has that firmly in view and operates from that foundational understanding more than anyone I've seen at this political level in my lifetime.

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