Friday, March 8, 2013

The Reign of the Image of God

It’s a beautiful rainy morning here in the high desert as I sit with a cup of coffee and the Word, considering God’s image and how that image is the story of His Kingdom’s reign over all.

“What is man, say I, that Thou art mindful of him? And the son of man that Thou visitest him? For Thou hast made him a little lower than God, and crowned him with glory and worship. Thou hast made him to have dominion in the works of Thine hands, Thou hast put all things under his feet” (Psalm 8:4-6, Geneva Bible).

Dominion, the command of God to Adam, failed in man the Image’s rebellion (Genesis 3:1-24).
  • “Furthermore God said, ‘Let Us make man in Our image according to Our likeness, and let them rule’...thus God created the man in His image: in the image of God created He him: He created them male and female. And God blessed them, and God said to them, ‘Bring forth fruit, and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it” (Genesis 1:26-28).

Dominion, the command of God to Christ, victorious in God-man the Image’s death and resurrection.
  • “Moreover brethren, I declare unto you the Gospel which I preached unto you, which ye have also received, and wherein ye continue, and whereby ye are saved, if ye keep in memory, after what manner I preached it unto you, except ye have believed in vain. For first of all, I delivered unto you that which I received, how that Christ died for our sins, according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He arose the third day, according to the Scriptures...since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead. For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive...for He must reign till He hath put all His enemies under His feet...for He hath put down all things under His feet” (1 Corinthians 15:1-4,21,22,25,27).
  • “Let the same mind be in you that was even in Christ Jesus, Who being in the form of God, thought it no robbery to be equal with God: But He made Himself of no reputation, and took on Him the form of a servant, and was made like unto men, and was found in shape as a man. He humbled Himself, and became obedient unto the death, even the death of the cross. Wherefore God hath also highly exalted Him, and given Him a name above every name. That at the Name of Jesus should every knee bow, both of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth. And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord, unto the glory of God the Father” (Philippians 2:5-11).
  • “At sundry times and in divers manners God spake in the old time to our fathers by the Prophets: in these last days He hath spoken unto us by His Son, Whom He hath made heir of all things, by Whom also He made the worlds, Who being the brightness of the glory, and the engraved form of His person, and bearing up all things by His mighty word: hath by Himself purged our sins: and sitteth at the right hand of the Majesty in the highest places...unto the Son He saith, ‘O God, Thy throne is forever and ever: the scepter of Thy kingdom is a scepter of in a certain place witnessed, saying, ‘What is man, that Thou shouldest be mindful of him? Or the son of man, that Thou wouldest consider him? Thou madest him a little inferior to the Angels: Thou crownedst him with glory and honor, and hast set him above the works of Thine hands. Thou hast put all things in subjection under his feet.’ And in that He hath put all things in subjection under Him, He left nothing that should not be subject unto Him...but we see Jesus crowned with glory and honor, which was made little inferior to the Angels, through the suffering of death, that by God’s grace He might taste death for all men” (Hebrews 1:1-3,8; 2:6-9).

Dominion, the command of God the Christ to His Church, unstoppable in Christ-Church the Image’s lifting up of the Word everywhere in the Spirit’s power.
  • “As I beheld in visions by night, behold, one like the son of man came in the clouds of heaven, and approached unto the Ancient of days, and they brought Him before Him. And He gave Him dominion, and honor, and a kingdom, that all people, nations and languages should serve Him: His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall never be taken away: and His dominion shall never be destroyed...they shall take the kingdom of the Saints of the most High, and shall possess the kingdom forever, even forever and ever...the Ancient of days came, and judgment was given to the Saints of the most High: and the time approached, that the Saints possessed the kingdom...the kingdom, and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven shall be given to the holy people of the most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all powers shall serve and obey Him” (Daniel 7:13,14,18,22,27).
  • “And Jesus came, and spake unto them, saying, ‘All power is given unto Me, in heaven, and in earth. Go therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the holy Ghost, teaching them to observe all things, whatsoever I have commanded you: and lo, I am with you alway, until the end of the world, Amen” (Matthew 28:18-20).
  • “Therefore also after that I heard of the faith, which ye have in the Lord Jesus, and love toward all the Saints, I cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers, that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, that Father of glory, might give unto you the Spirit of wisdom, and revelation through the knowledge of Him, that the eyes of your understanding may be lightened, that ye may know what the hope is of His calling, and what the riches of His glorious inheritance is in the Saints, and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us, which believe, according to the working of His mighty power, which He wrought in Christ, when He raised Him from the dead, and set Him at His right hand in the heavenly places, far above all principality, and power, and might, and domination, and every name that is named, not in this world only, but also in that that is to come, and hath made all things subject under His feet, and hath given Him over all things to be the head to the Church, which is His body, even the fullness of Him that filleth all in all things” (Ephesians 1:15-23).
  • “And they sung a new song, saying, ‘Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof, because Thou wast killed, and hast redeemed us to God by Thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation. And hast made us unto our God Kings, and Priests, and we shall reign on the earth’” (Revelation 5:9,10).
Confess Jesus as King of kings and Lord of lords and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, and you will be saved. All those who call on Him shall be saved; not one will be disappointed. Be baptized in the name of God the Trinity, obeying Him in grateful love in the power of His Spirit in unity with His Church, spreading His Word throughout the world, for His glory forever and ever.

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